Each session always begins with a conversation.  It is often the stories that are shared that help determine how best to be of service with each individual.   Every session is different in that way.  It is generally a good idea to not plan for too much after your session, allowing for some time to rest or time in nature to integrate.

Please know that I do not pretend or endeavor to do this work alone.  There will be an invocation to welcome in your ancestors and guides (mine as well) and some offerings made in gratitude for their assistance. This also helps to create what is called ritual space, a safe and nurturing container for the work to happen.

Time is a funny thing in ritual space and it is hard to gauge how long a session will will take. I respectfully ask you to understand that it is difficult for me to watch the clock and be fully submersed in the work at the same time. For this reason the sessions are un-timed.  We continue until the work feels complete for you.  I check in with you throughout the session to see how you are doing and to see if it is an appropriate time to stop or to continue.  I find sessions run between an hour and a half to 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less.  If money is a concern for you but you feel strongly called to the work, please let me know and we can work out an agreement.

These sessions are intended to bring you back into alignment, and to create a sense of openness and wholeness.

Healing Sessions ~ $80/hour