Your children have traveled a long way to be with you, be it from another star, another time, another realm.  They are here now having followed the trail of vibration unique only to you. Although they have not yet their voices, they already have many stories to tell about where they have been and why they are choosing to be here now and what gifts they are bringing into this world.

What would the future look like for our children if we consciously decided to heal the wounds and patterns of our Ancestors before we welcomed them into the world?

There is a beautiful ritual that takes place in Africa.  The entire village gathers around the pregnant mother to listen to the spirit of the child speaking through, telling everyone about the gifts they are coming into the world with, and their purpose for being here.  So not just the parents, but the entire village is able (and in a sense responsible) to help nurture these gifts into being!  I am hoping to someday be able to facilitate this ritual here, but until then I have this to offer: I am offering healing sessions and guided shamanic journeys for expectant mothers at any stage. The intent of these deeply personal sessions is to visit with and welcome in the spirit of your child and for the parents to begin the healing of ancestral patterns and wounds so their children can be more free to live their gifts. 

These sessions will include:

~ A divination to meet with the spirit of your little one and to determine if there is any ancestral healing needed to help facilitate your child’s graceful entrance into this world.

~ Guided journey to receive your own personal message from your baby.

~ Shamanic healing and energy work

    My lovely visit with Sarai was unique, informational and so inspiring! She holds a very sacred space while inviting the ancestors to bring forth very useful messages. I had some pressing questions and anxiety about the birth and delivery of my son and after our session I felt at total peace. I was able to let go of so much! It was wonderful to cry and laugh, all while connecting with my unborn child on such a deep and profound level. I highly recommend seeing Sarai if you are looking for clarity, peace and connection. I feel so much more open and in a place of surrender. I believe this will help me birth with more ease and presence. I already feel more relaxed about the whole process and I can’t wait to meet my little magic maker.
    R. Melero,
    Sliding scale  $160~$220 
    Distance sessions available,
    Group Divinations available locally in the Seattle/Portland area