“Sarai is a messenger of the spirit world. My session with Sarai came at a time of great confusion and worry for myself and my family. She was able to give meaning to the jumbled elements in my life, and helped me see, with clarity, some answers to life’s big questions for me and my new baby. “

Monica Schley, http://monicaschley.com

“My lovely visit with Sarai was unique, informational and so inspiring! She holds a very sacred space while inviting the ancestors to bring forth very useful messages. I had some pressing questions and anxiety about the birth and delivery of my son and after our session I felt at total peace. I was able to let go of so much! It was wonderful to cry and laugh, all while connecting with my unborn child on such a deep and profound level. I highly recommend seeing Sarai if you are looking for clarity, peace and connection. I feel so much more open and in a place of surrender. I believe this will help me birth with more ease and presence. I already feel more relaxed about the whole process and I can’t wait to meet my little magic maker.”

R. Melero, www.prismwithin.com

“One session with Sarai was more than I could have ever expected. I came to her as a skeptic with a heap of work stress who was open to trying something new. Our session not only soothed my sore nerves and left me feeling lighter – the content of the session synchronized seamlessly with issues I have been working on for years in psychotherapy, and accelerated that process. The shift was such that days and weeks later I was still having moments of clarity and liberating insights. I couldn’t recommend Sarai more”

Ralph De LaRosa, Social Worker, Meditation Instructor

 “I started seeing Sarai first for massages and over the years have added energy work and divination sessions. I have old shoulder and neck injuries and her monthly massages are exactly what I need to stay active with yoga, dance, work, etc. The other sessions we’ve done have been life-changing. We did a soul retrieval to heal past trauma, energy work for healing grief, and divination sessions that have helped me on my path as an artist and healer. I look forward to seeing her again very soon.”

Windy B., Filmaker

“I believe that it is imperative that we as a society seek to heal our ancestral wounds in order to lighten, and hopefully eradicate the emotional burden our children so often inherit. Therefore, I highly recommend “Welcoming the Children Home” for any and all expectant mothers, and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about this experience! I found Sarai to be professional, personable, and above all, very authentic. The reading I received about my baby was not only fascinating but accurate and helped me shed a lot of my fears about becoming a mother. Sarai guided me on an amazing and intuitive journey that has given me invaluable insight into the soul that has chosen to share this life with me. I feel that because of the information I received from this reading that I am much better equipped to help my little one grow into the person she wants to be, and for that I eternally grateful. Thank you, Sarai!”

-Mikela B, Fashion Designer

“Sarai combined aspects of ritual, bodywork and divination into a ceremony for me at the very beginning of my healing process after a traumatic experience. Because of her work, I was able to reclaim a piece of personal power and some peace of mind early in that stressful period. She is a sincere helper who witnesses pain and employs all of the many tools at her disposal to sooth it.”


“I cannot speak highly enough of Sarai’s work. I came to her with some back pain that seemed completely unfazed by traditional massage, acupuncture, acupressure and pain medicine. I had heard that Sarai was wonderful with Reiki and I decided to give it a try.  Sarai’s work cannot be simply labeled as Reiki or Deep Tissue or any of those terms…although she is well equipped to perform most any body work.  She’s a listener. What impressed me most was Sarai’s ability to “hear” what was actually wrong in my body. She suggested a series of appointments to line things up and to do some soul retrieval in order to integrate my body/soul.  I felt a difference after our very first appointment. I felt taller, stronger, more “solid” and present in my body. I also felt hope for the first time in over a year. Hope that I could heal and feel my best. I believe that Sarai is a healer and she has a kind and naturally generous spirit. More than that, I trust her fully with the responsibility of imparting that healing to those who come to her for help.”

Melody M, Professional Opera Singer

“Almost 2 years ago, my acupuncturist referred me to Sarai for massage work and Reiki.  I originally sought acupuncture for a neck injury, but soon realized that it treated  my depression. I believe my acupuncturist realized (before I did) that my depression had deep, inter-generational roots. Needless to say, I saw Sarai for what I thought would be massage, but indeed was much much more.  I have embarked on a deep spiritual journey because of our work together. Through Reiki, soul retrieval, divination, guidance, and meditation, I am way more self connected than I could have ever imagined. I believe in myself and in my talents in such a raw, empowered, and deep level. I have worked through deep, conscious and unconscious wounding…and healed so much. This integrative healing would not have been possible with traditional psychotherapy or even arts psychotherapies. The rituals, affirmations, and dreams that I have experienced because our work together have dramatically shifted and transformed my relationships…to my ancestors, friends, families, partner, and most importantly, to myself. I am forever grateful for meeting Sarai and for her bounty, strength, and grace.”

Paula P. , Psychotherapist

“After going to see Sarai for several years now, I find myself completely blown away with the magic and healing which she has helped me attain in my life. With every divination truth about my past, present and future pours out of her and to my surprise everything she says always was, is or becomes true. With every massage all pain and issues which I have come with begin with disappear with no recurrences… From confusion to a broken heart, from a tense and hurting back to an energetically impaired knee, Sarai has fixed it all for me and continues to astound me with her healing abilities. I very highly recommend her services as they are one of a kind… Find out for yourself =). “

Leo Burkatov aka DJ LeoHawk