One, two, one two…this is not. a. test…

Nope, this is it, real life to the fullest. Tomorrow I leave for an epic, sacred, adventure of a lifetime that’s been a year and a half in the making.  So much has led up this moment, so much grace and synchronicity.  And for goodness sake I just need to get there already!  I know for many of you, it … Read More

A Song from the Heart of the Hathors

Oh so we say, we say We say with heart, we say with soul, with heart and soul, we say you grow. We say with soul, we say with soul you grow your soul, you grow your soul, we say it’s so. We say it’s so, we say, we say with heart we say with soul, we say you know, … Read More

I want you to know that when I see you, I see your heart…and all it holds. All of your hopes and desires, all of your heartbreaks and joys. I see the deep, sorrowful wounds tucked away in a corner with a ragged old blanket thrown over it. I see the spark of aliveness that so wants to explode into … Read More