What is divination?

 The type of divination I am trained in comes from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso in West Africa as was taught to me by Malidoma Some Phd, Dagara Elder and Shaman.


Divination is a tool for transformation.   

It is an opportunity to sit in conversation with your Ancestors and guides and receive their guidance. When our Ancestors cross over, they have a unique perspective! An ability to see across space and time 360°, multidimensionally, diagonally,  between the cracks and crevices of time.  They often wish to assist in the redefinition of ancestral patterns that no longer serve a purpose in this present reality. In these times especially, we are being asked to grow at an accelerated pace that can feel very overwhelming.  The world is needing our best selves and the Ancestors are here to help us realize our fullest potential.  To guide us on our path of purpose.

I have found that many of those who show up for divination are showing up because they are ready to break these patterns of perpetuation.  Some patterns show themselves as obvious patterns of addiction or abuse. Some may be more subtle manifestations such as low self esteem, an inability to speak up for oneself, or feelings of scarcity.

Divination can assist us by revealing that which is holding us back or throwing us off our path.  It bring clarity to cloudy situations while providing prescriptions for healing to bring us back into balance and keep us moving forward. It is my honor to help facilitate this conversation. Bring all your questions, an open mind, and an open heart.



In this form of divination there is an invocation to welcome in the Ancestors and elemental spirits to create a safe container for the work.  I shake rattles and ring bells, energy and sound move through me, I make offerings to spirit. There is a cloth with an elemental medicine wheel. At the center are cowrie shells with many items mixed in among them. The person being divined moves the shells and items around the cloth with intention or a question in mind, where they end up on the wheel begins the conversation.




Divinations $175 ~ Approximately 90 minutes, phone/skype sessions available

Follow up/Integration sessions ~ $75/hr