saraiheadshotWhen I moved to San Francisco from the east coast in 1994 I knew I was seeking some big answers, it just took me awhile to find them.  I was about thirty years old when I finally decided it was time to make choices for myself and not for others.  So I chose massage school over a career in teaching. Two years later I found myself in a massage internship at California Pacific Medical Center which was based on a model of action and reflection and working with the archetype of the wounded healer.  It was through this program that I discovered that the tightness in my chest was me not honoring my authentic self and that my fear was about how I would be accepted if I removed this mask I had been showing to the world.  It was also through this program that I met Malidoma Some, Phd (Dagara Shaman and Elder) and experienced for the first time the transformational healing power of ritual.

I began to cultivate a relationship with my ancestors, with spirit and with the earth.  The deeper I trusted this relationship, the more I saw real change within myself.  This still holds true.   The deeper I surrender, the more my dreams come true.  So amazed I was at this transformation that I was moved to study with Malidoma and complete his IAST training program.  I wanted to be able to support others with their process of becoming through connection to spirit.  The training program culminated in a journey to Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Upon returning home I once again felt profoundly changed, but in a different way than before.  A part of me had awakened when I stepped foot upon the earth there in Africa, that had long been asleep.  A very ancient part of me that had been waiting to be remembered.  I had been aware for sometime of a past life as a priestess who practiced with a circle of women in the desert.  All of a sudden this became vastly important, as if a switch had been flipped on, and I understood it was deeply connected to the great change in consciousness that is occurring on the planet at this time.  I also understood that the ancient medicine of sound connected to this past life was wanting to be remembered through me now to be in service to the change.

I never stopped believing in magic and I am grateful that my life continues to be filled with it.  Now I know that magic is medicine and medicine can be magical.  I am dedicated to sharing this medicine with the world, to the best of my ability.  I am in humble service to you all and to our Mother Earth.