The Mother Wears Many Faces

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I’m learning a lot about faith right now.

During my visit to Portland over Thanksgiving weekend, I was taken to a place called The Grotto by a dear sister.  It is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary dedicated to Mother Mary.  As a nice Jewish girl from New York, I always found it a bit odd that I felt a connection to Mary (more specifically Our Lady Of Guadalupe), but while I was there I was reminded that The Mother wears many faces.

Some may know Her as Isis or Hathor, others as Quan Yin. Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, Demeter, Frigga, Durga, Kali, Pachamama, Gaia….she is our Mother Earth. 

She teaches, she Loves, she nurtures, she protects. She can be fierce and exacting, she can be compassionate and forgiving.  She calls us Home, over and over again.  She is calling to us all now, with an ache in her heart.  We have forgotten her, and in doing so have forgotten ourselves. She calls to us to remember. 

We are in a volatile, fluctuating time.  Flung into the gauntlet of a new age she is showing up in her many forms to remind us to stay grounded and not lose focus.  There is great work yet to do for us all. 

At the Grotto, she reminded me of my work in this world and that I am all out of excuses.  In this moment she is calling me to trust, to have faith that all of this is in right alignment.  With her hand outstretched she leads me forward into the unknown.

We can find refuge in the arms of The Mother, by whichever name we choose to call her.

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