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Greetings Dearhearts, and Welcome! Hathor’s Circle was created in the spirit of Remembrance, Healing and Awakening. The world around us is changing at an increasingly accelerated rate! There is an intensity, an urgency to the transformations within that are being asked of us. The age of revelation is a upon us. Nothing is being allowed to hide in the shadows anymore, least of all ourselves. The time has come to muster up the courage to stand in our most authentic selves and be seen for our amazing genius, our gifts, our purpose! I believe this is the path forward to transforming the world. The more authentically we live, the more permission we give to those around us to do the same. It’s not an easy path to walk, to choose the path of our soul. We all stumble, feel blocked or lost. We bump up against our stories and patterns that feel stuck on repeat. Sometimes we need guidance. We are not meant to go it alone. Our Ancestors are our allies and they want to help. They wish to assist in transforming those outdated stories and patterns that you have inherited from them, so that you can live more freely. So that your children may as well. It would be my honor to be a guide on your journey 'Home'.

Meet Sarai


Sarai Schneider has been active in the healing arts since 2001. Having studied with Malidoma Some Phd, Dagara Elder and Shaman, she is passionate about connecting people with the wisdom of their Ancestors and helping to heal the wounds of the past so they may live a brighter future. Usui Reiki Master and Shamballa Reiki practitioner, Therapeutic and Prenatal Massage therapist with 15 years experience.

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Sharing our grief

Sharing our grief

Jul 3, 2016 | No Comments

Feeling a little vulnerable this morning and felt called to share these words on grief with you all.  These are intense times my loves. Give yourself permission to feel it all and know that you are held and loved through the process.  Call on your communities and let them know you can work through it all […]


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